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A Little of This and That

Okay. So. Um. This is awkward. I promised to vlog about my Black Friday experience at Toys R Us, but my technology took a metaphorical dump on me. Not to mention, there wasn’t much to be observed. So I’ll make this quick. Things I noticed:

  1. A disturbingly muscular “bouncer” was standing just inside the doorway (but I got in, so apparently I was on the list)
  2. Employees were EVERYWHERE (yet none of them were extremely helpful when approached by inquisitive customers)
  3. Dumb girl toys like Monster High dolls and such were selling fast
  4. The stuffed animal aisle was completely deserted. No shoppers in sight. So sad…
  5. People grabbed every on sale item they could find. Mindlessly. Meh.

I didn’t even see a fight. That would have made this failure worthwhile. Perhaps next year I’ll cut out on Thanksgiving early so I can wait in line with the rest of the crazies. Maybe that will produce more exciting results? (cough, cough, old women fighting)

Good news! I made an Instagram account today! I’ll be using it to take pictures of (isn’t it obvious?) TOYS. Toys that pile up in my room, interesting toys I discover, you get the point. (No selfies though, sorry guys.) And this gives me an excuse to build Lego stuff and snap pictures…. So feel free to follow, follow, follow! instagram.com/justforfunziestoys/

Random side note. I’ve had yet another quirky idea for the toy store. Any chairs in the store (whether they’re in an office, break room, storage area, behind the front counter) will have a whoopee cushion super glued to it. Why, you ask?? JUST FOR FUNZIES. No seriously, that’s my answer. How can the sound of flatulence not make you smile? Currently I keep a whoopee on my desk chair and it kills me every time I sit down! It makes me instantly happy so it must be a good idea. The kids might get a kick out of it too. I’ve got a hunch that that type of comedy is right up any tike’s alley.

That’s all for me today. Pardon my discombobulated brain. The end of the semester is coming fast and I’ll be so happy when it’s over… So bare with me. And thanks for reading! <3

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