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Mass Ave Toys: A Dream Come True

Over the weekend I visited my sister and her husband in Indianapolis. The city was alive with excitement; filled with crazed Big 10 fans, Comic-Con attendees, and jolly drunks dressed in all shades of green. In other words, THE MOST PEOPLE-FILLED TWO DAYS OF MY LIFE.

Luckily, hidden in the city on the quirky stretch of road known as Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue) was a fantastic little toy store. When I say “fantastic” I mean it was the coolest brick-and-mortar establishment I have ever laid eyes in all my years of living. And when I say “little” I mean jam-packed (from floor to ceiling!) with top-notch toys. My only disappointment was the lack of imagination behind the name: Mass Ave Toys. Doesn’t sound too groundbreaking, right?

But as I walked around the store (or zigzagged between hordes of old women and toddlers, rather) I realized it would take days to look at everything in detail. There was soooo much to take in: wooden toys out the wazoo, kites hanging from the ceiling, puppets of every variety, kids’ books, puzzles, maps, classics, robots, fire trucks, instruments, candy, rocking horses—

I need to stop or I’m going to hyperventilate.

And did I see one single Barbie or other such equivalent? No, sir. They weren’t needed. In the beautiful disaster of colors and fun and plastic and noise that is Mass Ave Toys, Barbies would be white noise. A knickknack on a shelf. A discount shelf. Or a “free” shelf. Or in the garbage.

Where was I?

This place is 100000% specialty toys. I can’t wait to go back and chat with the owner on a slower business day, if possible. It would be interesting to see what their average day is like. From what I could tell, the store is in decent financial standings, prices are reasonable, and customer service is great. The next time you find yourself in Indianapolis, check it out!

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Mass Ave Toys is the toy store of my dreams, perfect in every way. And if loving a business entity is wrong, I don’t want to be right….

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