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New Toy Tuesday: Amazing Potential Lego Sets!

OH MY GOODNESS, GUYS. GUESS WHAT. I JUST FOUND OUT THE COOLEST NEWS EVER. But first, we need to talk about where Lego babies come from…


Lego Ideas is this great website that allows fans to submit their proposals for new sets. Projects that receive 10,000 “supporters” (votes) are reviewed by the Lego Review Board. Submissions that win the approval of the Board are then designed, manufactured, and available for purchase! That’s awesome, right? Well that’s not all!

They just announced the first review finalists for 2014. And the lucky sets are (drumroll please) …..


Big Bang Theory! Everything about this set is perfect! I can’t think of one reason not to buy it. All of my hopes and dreams have been made into Lego form… I hope the members of the Review Board are fans because I NEED THIS. I NEED THIS NOW. It’s so detailed and beautiful. If it’s wrong to love a potential Lego set, then I don’t want to be right.


Not one but TWO Dr. Who sets have qualified for review! (And all the Whovians said “AMEN!”) Each set obviously comes with the Tardis, some Daleks, and a Doctor, but the biggest question is WHICH one? That’s the magic of Lego Ideas! Your votes decide which Doctor minifigure comes with the set (assuming that one of the sets will be chosen, as it most undoubtedly will be…). The coolness never ends!


Say hello to the Modular Apple Store! Because everything should be made into a Lego set. Duh. It even comes with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak minifigures, which is hilarious! I would love to see more “real life” sets like this one. Maaaybe, Lego Walmart? It would only have about 100,000,000 pieces!


So go check out these (and other incredible sets) on https://ideas.lego.com/ NOW.

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