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New Toy Tuesday: Poo Dough…. Poop You Can Play With!

No matter how old I get I will always find humor in the word “poop.”Anyone who denies the hilarity behind this word is lying. So it comes to no surprise that this prank toy caught my eye in the Walmart toy section.


Poo Dough, as you can see, is packaged similarly to Play-Doh. Each pack comes with two shades of brown and a small container of yellow.


So yeah, basically it’s just brown Play-Doh. That would be dumb if not for this cute little mold!20140408_154531





The rest is pretty self explanatory. You get some dough, load up the mold… Let the plastic do its thing…








Realistic, I know! Now, you may be thinking (among other things) “Is there a point to this?” And my answer is: No. Absolutely not. But that’s what makes it so lovely. I can only imagine what I would have done if I had had this as a kid… it’s probably good for my mother’s sake that I didn’t….

Poo Dough is part of the Prank Star line of prank toys put out by Skyrocket Toys last Fall. This is obviously the best in the series though. I mean, come on, it looks JUST like poop. True, this toy might not be super educational , but it is fun. (Did I mention it bares a strong resemblance to POOP?)

Now you might be thinking, “Brianna is there a point to this blog?” And again my answer is: No. Absolutely not.

I just felt the need to share my poop discovery with the internet and silence anyone who claims I am an adult. Over and out!


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